Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts Program

The Culinary Arts program provides hands-on experience for young adults with unique abilities in the Transition and Post-Graduate programs at North Florida School of Special Education. It is designed to give both hands-on experiences for independent living and the training necessary for future employment in a culinary field. Through partnerships with various local restaurants and food-related businesses, and opportunities through the Berry Good Farms On the Go Food Truck, Berry Good Farms Cafe, and catering, students gain valuable skills in real-life settings.

Healthy! Beautiful! Delicious!

Culinary Arts students learn to incorporate the seasonal produce from Berry Good Farms into Healthy! Beautiful! Delicious! menu items for lunches and value-added offerings like fresh pesto, hummus and herb mixes and dips. The Farm team and the Culinary Arts team work hand-in-hand to showcase and utilize the fresh produce, herbs and fruits grown on our campus. Culinary Arts students are educated in proper food handling, knife skills, ingredient measurement, the creation of shopping lists, adherence to recipes, food preparation and cooking, and customer service.

An important component of the Culinary Arts Program is the emphasis that our team puts on the importance of healthy and fresh food choices. As our Culinary Arts students hone their skills and pursue compensated employment, they gain a greater sense of independence and are equipped with the tools necessary to make positive lifestyle choices.