Welcome to North Florida School of Special Education’s Berry Good Farms

Nestled amongst the North Florida School of Special Education’s Mill Creek Road Campus lies Berry Good Farms, an urban farm featuring a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs, as well as hydroponics and aquaponics, vertical grow poles, a 30×60 greenhouse housing herbs, veggie starts and microgreens, and an air-conditioned growing shed for wheatgrass. Organic practices are applied in all growing areas on the farm.

The seeds for Berry Good Farms were sown in the spring of 2011. Through careful cultivation, loving hands and big dreams, we have seen its roots take hold in our community, and Berry Good Farms continues to grow into a self-sustaining, viable industry for Transition students and Post-Graduates at North Florida School of Special Education.

At Berry Good Farms, our goal is to provide sustainable food in an ecological manner through the training of our Transition Students and the compensated employment of our Post-Graduates, who continue to strive for independence and productivity in the community.