Our First Employees

Berry Good Farms Barkin’ Biscuits has hired its first employees!

Three of our very own NFSSE Post Graduates started work on February 21st. It has been a goal of Berry Good Farms to offer compensated employment to our young adults following education and hands on experience in our programs. We are so excited this goal has been realized, and these three new hires are just the beginning! We plan to hire more in the near future as we have many great, hard working young adults to choose from.

These young adults have been through training and have shown readiness to take on the responsibilities of employment. Erin, Jamal, and Carson are hard workers who effectively contribute to production. Erin is working on the Berry Good Farms component of Barkin’ Biscuits as we harvest wheatgrass, rosemary, moringa, carrot, and sweet potato ingredients from the garden. Jamal and Carson are both working in the kitchen; mixing dough, rolling out dough, cutting biscuits, baking, dehydrating, and packaging.

A huge thank you goes out to The Able Trust who advocates for young adults with special needs and their quest for compensated employment. The Able Trust has given to us generously from their foundation, supporting our Barkin’ Biscuits program and have enabled the employment of our young adults.  Additional thanks to families and members of the community who purchase our Barkin’ Biscuits through NFSSE and right here on this website!