Barkin’ Biscuits Program


Barkin’ Biscuits at NFSSE

The Barkin’ Biscuits program has benefits that extend beyond our kitchen and into the personal lives of our students in the form of independent living skills as well as job skills.  Our students feel proud of themselves (and we do too) when they see what they can do from start to finish. Barkin’ Biscuits is a program designed to allow Joey, Jonathan, Madison, Amy, Dickson and other team members to be as productive as possible.

These young adults are not only involved in every step of the process from following a recipe to packaging the biscuits for market, but they also have opportunity to put their best foot forward in the community.  They have the chance to interface with business professionals and become familiar with community partnerships.

barkinbiscuits1This routine builds confidence and strengthens skills that are needed to become their own best advocates. We have seen these experiences foster ambition and drive to succeed and accomplish goals.  And, another added benefit? It’s for the community as they experience the joy of our young people.

Be sure to check out our vendor list to see where Barkin’ Biscuits are sold and where you might have a chance to meet one of our team members!